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spicy Hot & Spicy

Japanese Cuisine

Sushi & Hibachi Dinner Hour:
Sun. - Thurs. 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Fri. - Sat. 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Freshly cooked soy beans tossed in sea salt
Grilled Squid
Fire-grilled squid & zesty garlic teriyaki sauce
Fried Calamari
Crispy calamari rings, served with ponzu sauce on the side
Seaside Roll
Seaweed salad & avocado

Soup, Salads

Miso Soup
Traditional Japanese recipe with tofu, seaweed and scallions


Served with Your Choice of Entree and Steamed Rice
Vegetable Teriyaki 9.70
Tofu Teriyaki 9.70
Chicken Teriyaki 10.19
Shrimp Teriyaki 10.70
Salmon Teriyaki 10.70
Beef Teriyaki 10.70
Chicken & Shrimp Teriyaki 13.70
Chicken & Beef Teriyaki 13.70
Beef & Shrimp Teriyaki 13.70


Includes Vegetables & Fried Rice
Hibachi Vegetable
with fried tofu
Hibachi Chicken 9.90
Hibachi Steak, Shrimp or Salmon 11.19
Hibachi Chicken & Steak 14.19
Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp 14.19
Hibachi Steak & Shrimp 14.19

Deep Fried Roll

All with Eel and Spicy Mayo Sauce
Salmon Cheese Roll 6.15
Cream Cheese Roll 6.15
Red Snapper Cheese Roll 6.15
Shrimp & Avocado Roll 6.15
Eel & Egg Roll 6.15
Eel & Crabmeat Roll 6.15
Spicy Shrimp Cheese Roll 6.15
Spicy Salmon Roll 5.65
Spicy Tuna Roll 5.65

Special Rolls

Salmon Tempura Roll
Salmon tempura, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, masago and eel sauce
Dragon Roll
California roll topped with eel, avocado, masago and eel sauce
raw Rainbow Roll
California roll topped with salmon, tuna, white tuna, avocado and masago
spicy Spider Roll
Fried soft shell crab with avocado, cucumber, lettuce and masago
spicy Lava Roll
Crab meat and avocado topped with seared salmon, spicy mayo and eel sauce
spicy Black Angel Roll
Shrimp tempura, avocado & mango topped with spicy crab meat & tobiko
spicy Naruto Roll
Spicy salmon, avocado, crunch and scallions wrapped in sliced cucumber
spicy Red Dragon Roll
Spicy white tuna, escolar, avocado, boiled shrimp topped with tuna
spicy Green Dragon Roll
Spicy salmon and spicy tuna wrapped with crunch topped with avocado
spicy Crazy Tuna Roll
Fresh tuna sprinkled with black pepper then seared and rolled with avocado, scallions and spicy wasabi sauce, topped with spicy tuna and crunch
spicy Black Jack Roll
Fresh spicy tuna, avocado and wasabi sauce, topped with salmon, eel sauce and tobiko
spicy Godzilla Roll (Deep Fried Roll)
White fish, crab meat, avocado and asparagus, topped with eel sauce, spicy mayo and masago
Wmu Roll (Deep Fried Roll)
Salmon, crab meat, cream cheese and avocado

Sushi Entree

raw Sushi Platter
8 pcs with salmon roll
raw Sashimi Platter
12 pcs with tuna roll
raw Sushi Sashimi (2 pcs) 4.85

Maki (Roll) & Temaki (Hand Roll)

Avocado Roll 4.45
Cucumber Roll 4.45
Sweet Potato Roll 4.45
Vegetable Roll 4.45
Vegetable Tempura Roll 4.45
California Roll 5.45
raw Salmon Roll 5.45
spicy Spicy Salmon Roll 5.45
raw Smoked Salmon Roll 5.45
raw Tuna Roll 5.45
spicy Spicy Tuna Roll 5.45
raw Alaska Roll 5.45
raw Yellowtail Roll 5.45
Eel with Cucumber Roll 5.45
Eel with Avocado Roll 5.45

Maki (Roll)

Maki Combo (any 3 Rolls) 16.35
Maki Combo (any 4 Rolls) 20.35
Maki Combo (any 5 Rolls) 23.35
Boston Roll 7.15
Alaska Roll 5.45
Crunchy Roll 7.15
Clueless Roll 8.15
Philadelphia Roll 8.15
New York Roll 8.15
Shrimp Tempura Roll 8.15
Salmon Tempura Roll 8.15
Salmon Skin Roll 6.15
Futo Maki Roll
Tamago with cucumber, avocado and asparagus
Spicy California Roll 5.45
Volcano Roll
Deep fried calamari with cucumber, avocado, topped spicy mayo and spicy crunchy